Professor Mark Watson-Gandy is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Westminster and of Lorraine. He is a member of the Court of Essex University.

Professor Mark Watson-Gandy is a prolific writer on a variety of topics – find a selection of books here.

He is also a monthly columnist at Business Money.

Books include

'Simple Contract Law' (2020)

'KidsMBA: How to Build a Successful Business: Essential Skills and Know-How for Future Billionaires' (2018)

'Watson-Gandy on Personal Insolvency Practice' (2012, 2018)

'Watson-Gandy on Corporate Insolvency Practice' (2010, 2017)

'International Trends of Criminal Compliance' (UK Contributor) (2015)

'Watson-Gandy on Accountants' (2008)

'Tax Advocacy' (2000)

'Thomson Tax Guide' (Co-Editor) (1998)

'Beyond the Peradventure' (1991)