Through his work as an insolvency barrister, Professor Mark Watson-Gandy was horrified to discover that many of the businesses he saw failing did so not because they were based on a bad idea but because of basic mistakes. Indeed, for instance in the UK 50% of new businesses don’t survive the first five years.

Spurred on by this Watson-Gandy founded the KidsMBA. The KidsMBA business skills courses are aimed at children aged between 11-15. The courses are designed to complement and enhance school education with a real-world taster of the life skills, know-how and aptitude required to run a business and become an entrepreneur. KidsMBA has joined up with ABE Global and the ABE endorsed KidsMBA programme is now available in over 30 countries. It was described in "Forbes" Magazine as one of the “five leading global programmes supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

How to build successful business